Dominic Iudiciani Photography is an award-winning photography company based out of Akron, Ohio. In 2016, founder Dominic Iudiciani received a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from the University of Akron with a focus on graphic design and photography. He has received numerous accolades for his work, including 2 American Advertising Federation awards. Notable exhibitions include "Icelandic Elements" presented at 22 High Street Gallery and "Work It: A Study in Fashion Photography Portraiture" at the Mary Schiller Myers School of Art. His photography is recognizably bold, natural, architectural, and emotionally infused, ensuring that each and every moment is captured unforgettably. In addition to his eponymous photography studio, Dominic is Art Director at Arhaus Corporate Headquarters, specializing in marketing and branding initiatives.

Specializing in wedding, engagement, portrait, event, performing arts, fashion, landscape, and product photography, Dominic has the client in mind at all times from initial consultation to execution. He and his team enjoy keeping a booked schedule and are available for any occasion. For all inquiries, please fill out the form below.


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Dominic Iudiciani Photography

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